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Courtois River is a part of the MERAMEC RIVER watershed, click HERE to go to the MDC Meramec River pages of watershed descriptions, features and statistics.

MDC COURTOIS River Mile by Mile Map
from Missouri Canoe and Floaters Association.

EPA Meramec River Watershed Profile

The cold, crystal clear waters of the Courtois River offer some of the finest floating-fishing-swimming and natural environments. The Courtois River channel is somewhat smaller and shallower than the Meramec, and as water levels recede in mid to late summer even canoes may occasionally drag bottom. But, there is still safe navigable passage, the water quality is unsurpassed, and during times of excessive rains and high water the Courtois River recedes to safe floating levels much faster than the Meramec and can provide an enjoyable, comparable option at times that the Meramec is unfloatable. For those who prefer a challenging, more exciting float, the Courtois during slightly or moderately high water can most surely provide them with their needed adrenaline fix.
The Courtois River begins in Iron county (to the east) of the Huzzah and runs a generally parallel (approx. 30 mile) course to its confluence with the Huzzah (just above Scotia). After the merge, their combined flow takes a northwestern course for 1.5 miles before emptying into the Meramec. The short run of the course of both of the Huzzah and Courtois may at first imply an unlikelihood of high-order recreation potential, but in reality these streams offer some of the finest fishing, floating, and swimming fun that exists anywhere.

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